Before you place your Print Order

What you need to know before placing a print order with Citrus Press Co.

We highly recommend that samples are ordered. This way you can evaluate the quality of print and the paper you would receive your final order on. Judging colors and looks online is not the best way to choose your wedding stationery. Colors on monitors are different due to everyone's monitor settings. Monitors and devices are RGB color and much brighter while print is CMYK. The color of paper also impacts the print. When placing an order based on a sample, please consider that not all final orders will match 100% to your sample in color. The samples are to show style, paper weight and our closest color. Printing colors may vary and although we strive to make our final orders as close as possible to our samples there may be very slight color shifting. Samples are not custom tailored with color or names. They are a representation of the image in our product listing.

Our paper is luxe 120lb Premium Eggshell. Slightly textured and soft to the touch. The colors we offer are white - which is a bright white. And an off-white which is a pale cream, but not a yellow cream. More of a natural white subtle shade of cream. Double thick is available upon request. We highly recommend ordering a sample to see, feel and experience the printing that our papers offer and to ensure our products meet your expectations.

Once you're on your product, invitation, save the date, enclosure card etc....find the drop-down menu at the top of the listing where it says 'choose quantity' you will see the pricing and all the options available for that product. Invitations and Save the Dates have many options whereas an RSVP may only have a few. Everything is a la carte so you can pick and choose what you need/ want. Not everyone wants a full suite so we've separated all the options out to accommodate this.

Most orders take 1-2 weeks (not including shipping times) to complete. Factors such as size of the order, if all the correct information is supplied at one time and the amount of changes that need to be made will speed up or slow down the turnaround time. To ensure a speedy process double check all information, guest address details, correct dates/times/ locations and provide quick responses to our team to keep your order moving forward. NOTE that Foil and Letterpress orders take longer due to the nature of this customized process 3-4 weeks + shipping at this time.

In order to start on your order, an order must be placed. When all wording, guest addressing and all details are provided we start the proof stage. All proofs of all pieces ordered will be set up and sent via email as JPGs for review. Once all pieces are approved your whole order will go to print.

No, your order does not come assembled. The only piece (if it is ordered) assembled will be the envelope liner which is hand glued in place for you. The reason for this is in case clients add their own embellishments as well as stamp the RSVP envelopes/ RSVP postcards.

No, stamps are not provided. We highly recommend checking the (if in the US, Canada Post in Canada, Royal Mail in UK) website for current weights and costs. Also, take an assembled invitation suite to get weighed and you will receive a more accurate cost from your local post office.

It's always best to order more than you need. Look at the cost of the difference between the quantities that you would like to order and the 10 more. Ordering more will save you money and time because you may have overlooked at inviting a couple of people, addresses may have changed, or your MIL has updated her guest list, lol. During design the process of your order there is still time to upgrade your order to an additional 10 (or more) additional items please let us know so that we can set up an unique payment link. If your order has gone to print we cannot add any further quantities. Please reach out to us if you need more before your order goes to press. Otherwise a reorder of our minimum of 20 will need to be required.

We would call this a 'reprint' order. If you placed an order and it has gone to print and you do need more after you received it please get in touch with us. We can offer a reprint of your order with a 25% discount of our lowest quantity amount of 20. This is for a complete reprint. No updates to files will be made. Unfortunately we cannot print less or change the pricing. We wave the design charge since that has been charged at the time of your initial order. However we do have press charges, print, cutting and handling fees to cover for each order, therefore we strongly recommend that you order 10 more before your initial order goes to press or an order of our regular minimum 20 quantity will need to be placed. If you do need order a reprint order, contact us so that we can supply you with discount code for the reprint order.

The pretty designed paper in the envelopes is the liner. These do not come automatically with an order. These need to be added to your order. These are printed, cut, inserted and hand glued for you. These also add an extra day of production when your order is approved and goes to print.

The best timings would be to 3-4 weeks before your wedding date. This way you have time for edits, and leave plenty of time for printing and shipping.

If you have to place an order for pieces with different information, whether it is for invitations, enclosure cards, RSVPs with different dates any of these options cannot be placed in one order and then split. For instance, you need 80 invitations overall. But 20 will need to be in another language. In order for us to fulfill this we need an order for 20 invitations with its unique information and 60 for the rest. We cannot split the order of 80. The reason for this is printing. Our printer treats every piece as a new piece and set up fees and quantities + design time factor into these costs.

Clients are responsible for all proofs. We encourage that you share your proofs with friends and family to review. CPco is not responsible for any client errors or approvals by client with errors. We will happily fix wording and note these to the client but once a proof is approved and sent to print it is on the client to ensure it is 100% accurate. This also includes spelling of cities, places, locations, addresses, guest names.

We ask that all photos are of professional caliber. No less than 300dpi and are 5x7 or more at 100% image view. CPco is not responsible for low res printing on photos supplied at low res. We will reach out to you if we have concerns. Please ensure that your photographer has also released your images to use for us to print. CPco also has the right to refuse to print offensive or inappropriate materials that may compromise the CPco brand.

If you wish us to use multiple images please email them over with the specs that we need each photo to be. If you have any crop instructions please include these as well.

We can take an excel spreadsheet file or a google sheets file link. If sending a google sheets link please allow us direct access and make sure the file is unlocked. You can email us the spreadsheet and please follow this guide so that we can set up your addressing. CPco Guest Addressing Excel Set CPco Guest Addressing Excel Set Up

Currently we ship to: US, Canada, UK, AUS, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Greece. The shipping is set to Priority shipping, if you do not need your order in a speedy manner we can provide alternative pricing for Ground options that may take 2-3 weeks. Rather than 1-2 weeks. Our online store is equipped with calculating the shipping fees for these destinations but we ship to anywhere in the world, if we can. Please get in touch to see if we can ship to your destination. Shipments outside of the US and crossing international borders can be subject to duty and tax assessment by the importing country's government. Citrus Press Co is not responsible for these charges and is up to the customer to pay their country duties.

We use FedEx within the US. We ask that PO Boxes are not provided as a shipping address, FedEx does not deliver to these. To see our Ground shipping times with the US, check out our map. This is our default pricing once you place an order. 2 Day, 3 Day Express and Overnight are available as an option at checkout. US Shipping US Shipping Map

At this time we cannot. A whole order must be shipped to one final shipping address.

Yes! We've set up invitations in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek even Mandarin! Please reach out to us so that we can get a copy of your wording in the language you'd like to use so that we can check our fonts in our system to ensure that they can support some of the accents and characters first.

Once a Print Order is placed

Please let us know if you still have to send us all wording, additional wording, guest addressing in the 'notes' area of your order. This way we know to wait for all these items to come in. We need all information in order to start on your proofs. Proofing will start once all the details of your order are with our design team so that they can start on your order and send you all your proofs at once as well. We cannot split the proofing process.

In printing where you see 'white' it will actually be blank and the color of the paper will be the color that is 'white'. All of our proofs are set up on the white/ blank layout.

Once an order is placed, and we have not started on any proofs 100% of your order is refundable. Once we have started on your proofs 50% of your order is refundable. And once your order has gone to print and new changes need to be made there cannot be a refund and a new order for the item(s) will need to be placed.

You can always add to your order if you have overlooked purchasing an item, or adding more quantities to an item. We always recommend considering to purchase 10 more of the pieces you need to have spares.

If you need more invitation sets reprinted after you've placed and received your order we are happy to offer you a 25% discount on reprints. Reprints must have no information change requests. Any changes to information will be considered a new order and no discount will be honored. If you do need to reprint reach out to us for your unique discount code before you place your order and note your previous order number with your order.

Due to Covid we have opted to have our printer ship directly to our clients. Therefore, we cannot check your order before it is shipped. If for some reason you have any questions about your order vs what you have approved please send us a detailed email and photos along with the issue.

When placing an order based on a sample, please consider that not
all final orders will match 100% to your sample in color. The samples are to show style, paper weight and our closest color. Printing colors may vary and although we strive to make our final orders as close as possible to our samples there may be very slight color shifting. If there are specific colors that you are interested in using or not using we can switch out colors where we can. Please double check with us before approving your order about color reference if you're truly looking or expecting a specifc color. We cannot refund or reprint an order that has a slight color miss-match but has the correct information that has been approved for print.

We ask that orders should be inspected within the 5 business days to of receipt. Please check your order thoroughly. Double check the quantity, all pieces ordered are there and correct, quality and paper option. We have a small window of time to inform our printer if any printing/ shipping issues need to be addressed and corrected.

Ordering a Digital DIY Template File

All of our DIY files are either full download - liners, certain cards that are set up for you, you just need to print. Or set up in Corjl for you to edit, set up and print at your end.

Check out the Demo link that is on the product page you are interested in, reach out if you have any questions or read about how to use Corjl here

Once an order is placed, your order cannot be refunded due to the release of the digital product to your email.