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Citrus Press Co. now offers self-editable templates! is the online template editor used to edit all templates from Citrus Press Co PDF Products. Corjl is so easy to use and has many options to personalize your template!  It's a breeze to resize text, change colors and fonts, or move things around!

Here is a link to a DEMO for the Modern Black and White Flower Invitation Self-Editable Template  (pictured below) so you can see how easy it is to edit your templates yourself! All of our Self-Editable Products will have a DEMO link for you to try. Scroll below for How to use Corjl and optional tutorials for desktop and mobile use.

Self-Editable Wedding Invitations DIY PDF Printable Template Corjl Citrus Press Co


Q |  Why did you choose to use Corjl for the DIY Wedding Invitations vs. Adobe Acrobat or other platforms like Templett?

A | We chose Corjl because it allows you more customization than any other product that we've come across. You can move wording, add wording, remove wording. Change size of text, and change out the fonts and the colors too. Corjl really makes setting up your invitations so easy. So many choices that your final design will be truly yours. Corjl also allows you to edit not only on a desktop computer but a tablet and smart phone, Templett doesn't.

Q | Why go the Template/ PDF route?

A | We keep getting requests from clients near and far who want a smaller batch of invitations (under our minimum quantity of 20). So we started to develop a new line for those particular clients and those who want to add a bit of a personal touch to their invitations and wedding stationery on their own time. Or to those that want their invitations a little quicker and are on a time crunch. So we started to research and came across Corjl.

Q | How does this impact Citrus Press Co?

A | We hope it makes a positive impact on many levels. We hope it helps those clients around the world to create and make their own wedding stationery on their own time and to customize it how they prefer. As well as we are environmentally conscious so we can help with making a difference with carbon footprint and eliminating shipping and hoping that more clients print at home or closer by to help the environment.

Q | Do you need to be a designer to use Corjl?

A | No, not really :) That's our part. We design the pretty set up, you just fill in your information. We also supply demo links to all of our products so copy and paste the links or click on the links when provided to check the design to see if it works for you and your needs. Play with fonts, colors, placement. You can do everything apart from save and print with the demo links. AND! AND! You can use Corjl on your desktop, tablet and even SMART PHONE! There are limitations, they're not that bad, check out these links on Corjl and what device you may need to set up your invitations.



Don't worry, we have you covered.
Here you have 3 video tutorials that show you how to edit any of our templates using Corjl

Detailed Tutorial | Long Version

Basic Tutorial | Short Version

Editing | Smart Phone
Corjl Wedding Invitation Self Editable PDF DIY Template Q |  What kind of prints can you make?

A | You can make individual print options - like a single JPG or PDF file if you want to upload it to a printing service - we LOVE PRINTS OF LOVE - and we set up our files to their specs so that if you wanted to use their printing services our templates will work! Use our link so that you are getting the best printing service from both Citrus Press Co and Prints of Love! LCI Paper has some nice paper and printing techniques. Envelopes from is a great resources for anything envelope! You can also use online printing services like Vistaprint.

The second print option you can do is setting up your designs 'to a page'. This set up places the designs onto an A4 or LTR size page and fits as many to a page as possible. You can save this as a PDF or JPG file as well with crops and bleeds. These files you can bring to a printer or print at home. This saves you paper, and time! The options are super flexible.

 Self-Editable Wedding Invitations DIY PDF Printable Template Corjl Citrus Press CoSelf-Editable Wedding Invitations DIY PDF Printable Template Corjl Citrus Press CoSelf-Editable Wedding Invitations DIY PDF Printable Template Corjl Citrus Press Co
Q |  What products do you intend to produce with this new Self-Editable service?

A | We hope to make full lines of designs from Save the Dates, Invitation Wedding Suites, RSVP, Enclosures, Wrap Bands, Hang Tags, Place cards, Envelope Liners, Addressing, Reception pieces such as Ceremony Programs, Menus, Table Numbers. Signage such as seating charts, bar signs, Unplugged Ceremony to Thank You Notes and Photo Thank you Notes, Elopement Announcements as well.

We may expand this to Bridal Showers, Engagement Parties, Baby Announcements and birthday parties and even Holiday Photo announcements as well. The possibilities are endless! The best way to get these underway is to reach out to let us know what you're looking for so that we can design it and add it to our shop!