Paper Printing Options

Starting the wedding invitation process can seem like a scary task. When it comes to wedding stationery, there is a growing list of options that are offered! Here is a quick guide to the variety of options out there and what we at Citrus Press offer.

Wedding Invitation: Digital Printing

Digital printing is about 90% of our business today. This is a flat method of printing on gorgeous 130lb card stock. This is no doubt the most economical option when it comes to wedding stationery. Digital printing also offers the quickest turnaround time for printed invitations at 3- 4 weeks. Save the Date orders can sometimes even be done in 2-3 weeks! The best thing about digital printing is you don’t have to worry about color or design because the printing capabilities are endless and there are many paper choices to select from as well. Order in quantities of 10 starting at our minimum of 20 which is another flexible thing about choosing digital printing.

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Wedding Invitation: Gold Hot Foil

Hot foil printing is a relatively new and increasingly popular option for wedding stationery. This method provides a gold metallic text or design option at a relatively low additional cost. It gives very similar results to a traditional foiling process without the need for a personalized foil stamp plate. It is printed on a slightly different card stock but does not compromise style one bit! This lowers the cost dramatically and helps to speed up the timeline. Hot foil stationery has a 6 week turnaround time. And can be ordered at our minimum quantity of 20.


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Wedding Invitation: Traditional Foil

Foil printing is a very labor intensive process using a customized plate, heat and pressure. It was once reserved only for book covers! Now with increasingly good technology, a foil plate can be created for your personalized wedding stationery. This is a stunning option that is sure to leave an impression! Foil printing comes in a variety of color options featuring many shades of gold, rose gold and copper so it can fit any style of wedding. This method does cost considerably more due to its personalized nature and increases the timeline to 8 weeks. This process also requires a minimum order of 50 invitations and can be increased in increments of 25.

Wedding Invitation: Letterpress

Letterpress invitations are no doubt, one of the most beautiful and timeless options. This format is similar to foil in the way that it is a manual and very time consuming process. Letterpress invitations require a customized plate similar to foil and because of that, can be quite costly. This process also requires a minimum of 8 weeks and can only be ordered in quantities of 25 starting at 50. Because of this, it is a less flexible option. Make sure to contact us 6 months in advance when ordering letterpress invitations.


Photography by Ashlee Hamon Photography