Wedding Cake Trends
It’s safe to say that wedding cakes are no longer stuck in the days of white fondant and faux-ribbon — not that there’s anything wrong with a classic. With tons of playful and unique cake designs out there, from asymmetrical tiers to metallic accents, it’s easy to feel the need to have your wedding dessert stand out. Talk to your bakery about giving one of these new wedding cake trends a whirl.

Pssst….we also think that our invitations would pair well with some of these Wedding Cake Trends!

These are some of our favorite….

Wedding Cake Trends – Geode Cake
Your guests won’t be gawking at your engagement ring bling once they lay eyes on this cake. Geode cakes are a work of art, made with sugar cut into your tiers. Choose a “stone” that represents the two of you — the birthstone of the month you’re getting married, perhaps?


Cake Design by: Intricate Icings


Wedding Cake Trends – Marble Wedding Cakes
A marbleized cake looks absolutely statuesque on the dessert table. With its swirled pattern, this cake will have your guests wondering how you’ll cut into this gorgeous piece of art. Go classic with soft grey and white colors to really bring home the stone pattern, or use your wedding colors for a more modern and festive confection. Or soften it up with adding flowers and natural tones for a rustic more feminine look, you can’t go wrong with this wedding cake trend.





Wedding Cake Trends – Metallics
Another Wedding Cake Trend is… Metallics.. you’ve pulled at our heart strings for quite some time now and I do believe you’re going to continue to pull this new year. Warm metallics are on the radar. Metallics shine proud and loud all on their own, or paired with virtually any color(s). Copper and Rose Gold have been the most popular out of all the metallics this season. Copper and Rose gold is soft and beautiful AND it works equally well with soft color palettes and bold.