Growing up, my mother made clear that sending a sincere thank you note for a gift received was not optional. It was to be done ASAP and without complaint. The task never excited me then but in my adult years I’m grateful to have learned the art of writing a good thank you note.


Start by selecting some pretty stationery! Whether it be store bought, adorned with a wedding picture or designed as a part of your wedding stationery suite (our favorite) having fun stationery will help to get the task done.

Be aware of the time. Thank you card etiquette states that you should send them out no later than three months after you receive the gift. This includes anyone who gave you an engagement, shower, bachelorette, or wedding gift. Also include anyone who played a large role in any of these big days or hosted the party perhaps even vendors you dealt with at your wedding.


If your relationship is anything like mine, you will be doing the bulk of the writing. Personally that works for us as I enjoy it and don’t readily relinquish control to my husband when it comes to these things. If not, then enlist your husband to do some of the work! Just make a plan and stay on the same page.

Now get to writing. Grab a good pen, a coffee and sit down with a goal of completing a few per day until they are done!
Tips to get started:
1. Date the note
2. Salutation
3. Say thank you for the specific gift: If it was a tangible item, tell them how the two of you plan to use it. If it was
money (don’t address the amount, just the generosity), how will you spend it? Or highlight what you are saving it for!
4. If they made it to the event, thank them especially for their attendance
Attending a wedding event is a big commitment. It likely took them time, energy and money to be there on your special day. Take the time to mention how happy you were to see them.
5. Closing – I like: Warmly/Best/With love. Maybe the most exciting part is you get to close with both your names!

Things to remember and avoid:
1. Make sure you spell your recipients name correctly
2. Make sure to spell check
3. Don’t over thank

A good way to keep on top of all this is to track your guests and gifts. We’ve designed a checklist to to help you stay organized and track your guest names/gifts and thank you cards. Get your free PDF download here: CitrusPress-ThankYouCard-List-Tracker



The bottom line is this: Saying thank you in any form is better than saying nothing at all. While the world won’t end if you DON’T say thank you, the best way to keep and maintain friendships and good work relationships is to acknowledge the kindness someone has shown you – xox, Sarka

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