Same-Sex Wedding Invitation

Yay! I’m so excited to share my first official Same-Sex Wedding Invitation order with you. I love that couples from all backgrounds are using Citrus Press Co to announce their wedding day.  I believe that invitation design should reflect the day, theme, destination, or mostly the couple and not necessarily use images or references that depict a certain sexual preference. I find that rather cliche and not keeping with an all over design idea.

Working with my client, Rick, he chose the Succulent Wedding Invitation suite but he didn’t really warm up to the font that we typically sell with this design. Not a problem. We were happy to offer some font options. We went back and forth with some fonts and we finally settled on the final results – pictured below.


We substituted Feast Font (original design) with Futura (new) to reflect the style and design that Rick and Arthur were looking for.

Invitation Customization

At Citrus Press Co we can customize almost anything that you need. We can change out colors or floral images of others that we have in our extensive library. We can change out wording to fit your wedding. Whether it’s yourselves hosting, parents or both. We can switch out fonts where we can and make it work for you. We can custom order colored envelopes. We can add a pattern or photo to the back of your invitations and any other stationery in your invitation suite. This is our semi-custom process, and it’s free of charge. If you prefer something traditional, colorful, vintage, or destination influenced, we have the variety to help you find the perfect fit. Ultimately, your wedding invitation will help set the tone for your big day, and we hope you will find something that reflects your personality as a couple.

And in this case we were happy to make Rick’s and Arthur’s Same-Sex Wedding Invitation unique for them and their wedding. Congratulations you two ~ Sarka xox