How to use Bougainvillea at your wedding

If there was one flower and color that just screams summer wedding, it would have to be the vibrant pink bougainvillea. Regardless of the fact that we can never spell it correctly the first time (always having to google it, lol!), this gorgeous flower (which isn't actually a flower at all, it's a thorny vine!) is something we’ve been fond of for a while, so why not actually share a few different ideas that you can use the bougainvillea at your wedding which compliments our beautiful botanical Jessica invitation suite design.

Available in a variety of hues from white to orange and yellow to purple and vibrant fuchsia, these beautiful and colorful vines can add color and personality to everything including stationery, cakes, reception table center pieces, wedding ceremony programs, bouquets and arbor designs and they work beautifully with other traditional flowers like roses and peonies too. Use it as an accent or a feature in your wedding!

Origin of Bougainvilleas

This vivid tropical plant is native to coastal Brazil, where a French naturalist discovered it in the 18th century. Bougainvillea is now grown in equatorial climates all over the world, from the Caribbean to Australia (making it the perfect choice for your beach-side destination wedding). The wild nature of the rambling vine makes bougainvillea ideal for brides who want to channel a more laid-back, romantic boho vibe for their bouquet and decor.

What to ask your Florist:

Make sure your florist keeps the flowers fresh. Bougainvillea's are delicate and can fade and wither if not properly taken care of. Best to keep them hydrated as much as possible before being used.


Bougainvillea can bloom all year long in tropical climates.

Price: $–$$$

The cost of the branches can differ based on where your wedding is located—if sourced locally in a tropical destination, it will be significantly cheaper than if it has to travel (and will look much fresher!).

The romantic style of bougainvillea lends itself to other lush blooms like roses, peonies, and ranunculi. Because the blossoms tend to be intense in hue and texture, it’s good to use sparingly when combined with lots of other flowers so as not to overwhelm the arrangement. For a simpler look, small clusters of bougainvillea can also be quite pretty grouped in bud vases down the center of a reception table.

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