Are Zazzle Stamps Still Available?

July 25, 2018

Are Zazzle Stamps Still Available?

What happened to Zazzle stamps?

On May 15th Zazzle 'paused' the production and printing of their custom postage stamps service and all stamps are currently listed as 'out of stock' on their website. They posted this message regarding the news:

"Recently, we have had some back and forth with the USPS, and at this time, we are pausing sales of custom postage. Our teams have made extraordinary efforts to comply with the new guidelines issued by USPS, but we have decided it is best to cease production at this time until next steps can be determined. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes everyone."

 Zazzle has always been the biggest and most reliable service when it comes to custom postage stamps so this news has major repercussions for both the USPS & Zazzle designers - like Citrus Press Co, as well as couples seeking custom postage stamps for their invitations. Currently, we intend to keep our stamps and content in our shop (even though they have been turned off by Zazzle and made unavailable) in the hopes that they are not gone forever and that they work things out with USPS and begin printing stamps soon. However, there hasn't been any news of any resolutions, dates, timings or even if it will or will not return back to Zazzle for good. We really hope it returns, our clients love keeping a cohesive look with their wedding stationery and loved Zazzle's service!

GOOD NEWS! In the meantime, We've found a solution...

Thankfully....(happy dance time!) We have found an alternative for ordering custom stamps. Get in touch through email or our contact form to get a quote. We can offer stamps in most pricing options as well.

HOW to order custom stamps

In your message to us, let us know:

1) Design name from our shop that you want to match

2) Quantities (Invitation and RSVP envelopes)

3) Stamp price rate you need for each piece

4) When you would like to receive them - in order to quote shipping fees

- Don't forget to include stamps for your RSVPs and RSVP postcards as well

- Stamps are sold in sheets of 20

- Complete custom orders are always welcome as well!

- Allow about 2 weeks for your stamp order to process, you may want to pre-order these so that they are with you before your invitations arrive

Don't know what stamp rate to order?

This link will take you to the latest USPS 2018 Postage Rates. We advice that you weigh or take a fully finished invitation set to the post office and get it weighed and priced out to ensure the right postage is on your invitations. Don't forget to place return stamps on your RSVP envelopes or postcards - note: postcard postage is cheaper than using RSVP + Envelopes. Typically rates go up every year in January, so be on the look out and make sure if you're sending invitations out in mid-January that you have the correct postage on all your invitation and RSVP envelopes.

Note: Our envelopes and sizes are in compliance to the noted USPS stamp prices, envelopes and postcards.  At times our clients do use their own envelopes or create additional outer envelopes. If you are looking to add further envelopes or enclosures to our invitation sets, please check the sizes and weight as they may require further postage.